Book Review – We Were Mothers

We Were Mothers by Katie Sise

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

‘We Were Mothers’ was a dramatic break from my usual reading, and I opened her pages with no expectations. I was blown away by the realness that Katie Sise wrote into her characters. Somehow, it was as if every relatable housewife/mom/mother/sister/friend had been rolled into the character line-up: Cora, Sarah, Jade, and Laurel.⁠

The book quickly addresses the untimely death of Cora’s sister, Maggie. Though it occurred years ago, she and everyone around her seem to still feel the pain of her passing. It is revealed that Maggie’s death has some… extenuating circumstances, brought back to light by a series of events related to the sudden disappearance Laurel’s daughter, Mira. ⁠

The entire novel covers the span of a weekend, but it feels like so much more time passes than that. The internal dialogue and multiple perspective changes seem to slow the pacing down, hence the rating of only four hearts out of five.⁠

Even so, the pacing of the novel picks up rather quickly towards the end and becomes an absolute page-turner as you search among the fractured clues, trying to understand what exactly happened all those years ago to the beloved sister and daughter, Maggie.

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