I was born and raised in Georgia, USA. I went to the University of North Georgia, where I graduated and commissioned as a Lieutenant in the United States Army. I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Political Science and a double minor in Mandarin Chinese and Leadership. 

I have always had an immense love for reading and writing, especially if it had anything to do with the fantastical and magical realm. There is something about fantasy that is comforting to me. In the darkest times of my life, I have had an escape. Those wonderful worlds comforted me. It was my safe haven. It is because of that fostered love that I devote my free time towards breathing life into my own fantasy worlds.

I have a million stories stored away in my head, with some hidden away manuscripts being in the drafting stage for four years, now. Some of these worlds are familiar, and some of these worlds are all of their own. There is one thing in common with each of them, however, being that I hide away a little piece of myself into the stories. In this way, I feel heard in a cacophonous world.

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